The Project

Chief Peguis Trail was identified as part of the city’s Inner Ring Route in the 1968 Winnipeg Area Transportation Study. 

The History

The trail extension project is named after Chief Peguis, who led his Saulteaux tribe from Sault St. Marie to Manitoba’s Red River country in 1790.

The Vision

The ongoing project is consistent with Winnipeg’s long range policy plan – Plan Winnipeg 2020 Vision.

Chief Peguis Trail runs from Henderson Highway to Lagimodiere Boulevard in the City of Winnipeg. Elements have been included in the design to minimize environmental impacts, improve safety and encourage alternative modes of transportation.

Providing Sustainable Transportation Alternatives for Winnipeg Residents

Chief Peguis Trail expansion benefits:

  • Direct route from the Kildonan
  • Settlers Bridge to Lagimodiere Blvd.
  • Improved traffic flow and reduced congestion
  • Time and fuel savings
  • Promotes public transit use
  • Intersection improvements
  • Reduction of east-west truck traffic on residential streets
  • New multi-use pedestrian/cyclist path

Multi-use pedestrian & bicycle path features:

The path travels the north side of Chief Peguis Trail between Henderson Hwy and Lagimodiere Blvd. It provides pedestrian and bicycle connections to existing and proposed greenways and trails, including:

  • Trans Canada Trail
  • Northeast Pioneers Greenway
  • Bunn’s Creek Trail
  • Cordite Trail (proposed)
  • Local path connections to residential areas